Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Deal of the Day - Bread Machine.

My friend (the Enchantress) and I were walking laps at the gym post work out. She mentioned that she had made cinnamon rolls for her kids that morning. Casually. As if everyone just whips out cinnamon rolls.
Me: Cinnamon rolls take forever!
Enchantress: I use my bread machine. It makes it much easier.
(Side note - the Enchantress is always making various and sundry delicious treats in said bread machine.)
Me: I've looked at buying a bread machine but they are really pricey. Maybe I will have to ask for one for Mother's Day.
(Side note - Sometimes asking for small appliances as gifts is so lame. When you could be asking for a the grey wedge Toms or the Sun Shades dress.)
Enchantress: Oh, I bought mine at the thrift store downtown. They always have 3 or 4. I bought it for next to nothing and it works great. My sister even picked one up there when she was visiting.

. . . Can you believe the genius-ness of the Enchantress? Take a moment to bask in her clever ways. . .

Me: I am heading down there today.
I am here to tell you that I did just that and picked up this little beauty* for $10. (Originally $20 but all the small appliances were half off!)

The Enchantress was particularly impressed that mine came with the instruction manual and recipe book (in their original plastic bag no less.)

Here is our first loaf of bread. (Half eaten.)

While I was there I browsed through the clothes and found a skirt and a sweater. (The skirt was part of a set with a fancy shoulder padded jacket, matching print. I passed on the jacket and donated it right back.)

I also picked up 2 sweaters for my teenager. $23 total for the 4 items and bread maker.

As I type, I have this recipe for cinnamon rolls on the dough cycle. Very nice.

*I nearly forgot the best part of the story, another friend came over and told me she has the exact same bread machine (different color) and they paid over $100 for it.


laura said...

I love bread machines. They are one of those appliances that every woman has, but only about 10% use. Eventually, the other 90% end up at the thrift store or garage sale. I have TWO machines($10 each), so on special occasions(like Sundays) I can have 48 rolls rising at once. It's awesome.

Laura Elizabeth Fredlund said...


Meredith said...

Uh....AWESOME! And how ironic is it that I am making cinnamon rolls RIGHT NOW! LOL They are currently rising in the oven. :) I've always wanted a bread machine, though. Maybe I should check one out from the thrift store!

Ellen said...

Love your bargains! Hey, maybe you would appreciate this--I found a Max Mara dress (my favorite designer)today at a Ross in the Tampa ghetto marked down to $25. I am VERY happy! Kira and I LOVE ghetto Ross!

heidi said...

what the what? here's the conversation i JUST had with thomas. i want a bread machine. but not as a gift. i want it because i want it. i want good pizza dough. i want delicious bread if i'm not going to be eating junk food. i want sunday dinners with guests to be special because people are fighting over my rolls. and not noticeably avoiding my main dish.
alas, i can't seem to find one at goodwill. i'm hoping for a craigslist miracle.

Jeppson Clan said...

So glad you are loving your new bread machine! I didn't make those cinnamon rolls today but I sure thought about it.

Nicole said...

Okay, so what thrift store? Do tell!

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