Wednesday, December 29, 2010

2010 Favorite Book Reads

This was not a great year for book reading for me. Last year I had an entire post of the great reads of 2009. Six truly great books. Not so much luck this year.

Stand out reads of 2010:

I read plenty of other good reads. But these are the ones that I found myself thinking about for days after.

I think one of my New Year Resolutions should be to find some great books to knock my socks off in 2011.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Full Report

Did you all have a lovely Christmas? We did.

Did anyone else's Christmas tree look like ours? (You know: with the lights out in an entire section?) We kept meaning to fix it but you know, we were busy. I did finally get the wreath for the fireplace. I think it's perfect for the space.

Christmas morning:

We tend to go overboard. We try not to. (We do stick to a budget, in case you were wondering.)

I have good news. It turns out my husband does read my blog because my husband pretty much got me the entire list. He's like that.

(My new skirt. My vanity compels my to say that this is a truly awful picture.)


I said to my husband the other day, "I think everyone secretly hopes to get sick and spend the entire day in bed doing nothing."

I take it all back. Being sick totally stinks. I guess I forgot about the feeling sick part.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Good Finds

I found this dress at the clearance rack TJ Maxx for $16. It's Martin + Osa (American Eagle's upscale store that went out of business this year.) The original price tag (still attached) read $99.50.

A little closer peek.
I also found and procured Martin + Osa black shirtdress for $10. I may show you later.

In other news, earlier this year, I fell in LOVE with this sweater from Anthropologie. Unfortunately my budget got in the way of our love, as often is the case.

There was a knock off at Macy's. It was cute, but the color was off, as was the shape. I debated but passed.

Then I heard rumors about another knock off at TJMaxx. I found this beauty for $19.99 at Marshalls. If you shop in there much, you know searching for a particular item is pretty much a needle in a haystack/wing and a prayer task. I'm not going to say divine intervention but you do the math.

2010 Christmas Advent

Most years we try to do a Christmas Advent Calendar. I originally got the idea here a few years ago. (See here how she explained it in 2009, and another post.) Basically, it's do something fun and Christmas-y every day to help put you in the Christmas spirit. This year we are doing the 12 days of Christmas. (I wasn't nearly organized enough to start this on Dec. 1st.)

12 Days Until Christmas: The card in the envelope read "Use your own advent calendar to track the days until Christmas."

I made each of the kids their own advent calendar with a 12 pack of foil gum.

11 Day Until Christmas:
"Eat a candy cane. Use the rest to decorate the tree. 11 Days Until Christmas!"

10 Days. "Wear Festive PJ's tonight! 10 Days Until Christmas!"

(where's Avery? sent to bed early for being a stinker. she got her pjs the next morning.)

"9 Days Until Christmas: Read A Christmas Dress for Ellen and eat Peppermint Bark."

This is my favorite Christmas story of all time. Buy the book here. Thank me later.

"Bake and decorate sugar cookies! 7 Days Until Christmas!"

(Please notice the Y cookie shape, we picked it up at the BYU bookstore this summer.) I used this recipe. It was perfect.

Some other activities? Read Luke 2, sing hymns, and drink Apple Pear Cider. Watch a Christmas movie. Attend Hailey's Christmas concert.

Monday, December 20, 2010

You may remember our adventures in taking Christmas card pictures from last year.

This year on a Saturday morning we set the camera on timer and let the fun begin. Taking pictures on timer is not as easy as you think. It involves a lot of running back and forth. Which often means that people are not ready.

We also do not have a tripod so the camera was propped up on Christmas storage bins. Not exactly prime picture taking conditions.

We ended up with many awkward shots:

Tons of goofing around:

A noble pyramid attempt that we had to abandon due to lack of time and patience and ability to form an actual pyramid.

Some okay shots:

Some where just one person is goofing off:

Or one person is cut in half:

Too far back:
Way too far back (but a lovely photo of the carpet):

And one that wasn't perfect, but we really look like us. And that was exactly what we wanted.

Getting Ready

I've been doing some wrapping . . .

It's getting pretty festive around here.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Christmas List

Do you make lists for Christmas? We do. Here is one I am working on for my husband. Just so you know, I make sure he has plenty to choose from.

Perfume. My favorite scent. I have never found anything I like better.

Gloves Target. I think this teal color is so pretty, would match gray or brown or black. The removable mitten would come in handy if I ever get a cool phone.

Plug in Seat Warmer for my "vintage" vehicle. My late 90's SUV is my pride and joy. I truly LOVE my car. The heat works most of the time, so this might come in handy.

Anthropologie Gorgeousness I especially NEED the stripe twist tee and the gray rose tee and the navy cowl neck tee. Oh and everything else.

Pretty Books I think I have posted about these a million times. They are just so darn pretty.

Sweats in black. (I already own the gray, they are perfection.)

Radio for kitchen so I can listen to npr, my ipod or a cd while I cook.
From Loft. The shoes! The belt!

I think that is a good start! Now if only I could get my husband to read my blog . . .

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