Monday, December 20, 2010

You may remember our adventures in taking Christmas card pictures from last year.

This year on a Saturday morning we set the camera on timer and let the fun begin. Taking pictures on timer is not as easy as you think. It involves a lot of running back and forth. Which often means that people are not ready.

We also do not have a tripod so the camera was propped up on Christmas storage bins. Not exactly prime picture taking conditions.

We ended up with many awkward shots:

Tons of goofing around:

A noble pyramid attempt that we had to abandon due to lack of time and patience and ability to form an actual pyramid.

Some okay shots:

Some where just one person is goofing off:

Or one person is cut in half:

Too far back:
Way too far back (but a lovely photo of the carpet):

And one that wasn't perfect, but we really look like us. And that was exactly what we wanted.


heidi said...

really great. i see a lot everyone's character.
and instead of 23 days in the southwest, what about 23 days in the southeast? think about it...destin fl, andersonville ga(google that one), atlanta, SOUTH CAROLINA(hilton head?), nashville, graceland, more civil war sites than you can shake a stick at???

Steph said...

Sounds like a fun day. I'm sure your kids will look back on these picture taking adventures with great fondness someday! ;)

Oh, and I LOVE your stockings, I need new ones and those are just what I'm looking for but can't seem to find ANYWHERE! Closest I can find is red on red... Where'd you get 'em?

Darci said...

We love your christmas card pic. Molly thinks it is hilarious. She took one look at it, had a good laugh then sip out the words "Mom, mom, mom, you have got to see what Aunt Carie did!".

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