Tuesday, September 28, 2010

In search of

My oldest is very excited to attend her first school dance. It's in December. She has been looking for dresses for at least two months. She's a planner.

Last night we were buying her some new jeans and found the (read "thee") perfect dress. Great price ($24.90!). Gorgeous colors that look amazing on her. Darling fabric and print. Perfect!

Except. It's about 7 inches too short. Has no sleeves. And is too big for her tiny waist (by about 5 inches.)

ARGGHH. The search continues.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Add it to the To Do List

Inexpensive, easy, and adorable. Instructions here.

Friday, September 17, 2010

At Last

Coming to KC.

Now if we could just get mountains, family, and an ocean here then life would be complete.

Flipped part 2.

For some reason, I can't get my latest and greatest post "Flipped" to show up on google reader. I smell a conspiracy. You need to read it. Click on THIS if it didn't come up on your blog reader. Or just click over to my actual blog.


How can I impress upon you the importance of what I am just about to say?

You must immediately - you understand, as soon as possible! - GO SEE THIS MOVIE:

Loved Loved Loved. It's adorable. It's sweet. It's fun. It's serious. It's lovely. It's got a fantastic message. And sadly, it is hardly staying in the theaters longer than a week or two. Check your listings. Go see it!

It is PG, so you can take your kids. I would say ages 8 and up will really enjoy it.

If you are a purist, you probably want to read the book first. (I did.) I read it in a day. My daughter read it in a day. Her friend read it in a day. You will love the book too. If you miss seeing it in the theaters, there is a pretty good chance it will be out on video soon.

Clever, so clever

Those folks at J Crew are so smart and they completely have my number. I got an email in my inbox today announcing this:

Like most outlet stores, J Crew Factory carries less expensive (and less quality to be honest) versions of last year's items. The nearest J Crew Factory store to me is about 3 hours away. So now if you were drooling over the Maya cardigan and never picked it up? You can now order it on line.

Or the Imperial tee? You've been given a second chance.
I feel like I can confess to you that (although I have met my clothing budget for the week) I did purchase the Imperial tee. The money will probably have to come out of the Entertainment envelope* instead. Buying a shirt can technically be entertainment, yes? My blog is a safe forum for coming clean, since my husband never reads it. He does however read the bank statement so I only have about a day before he notices. I'd better confess quickly.

*Anyone else use the envelope system? Despite occasionally having to get creative, I really do love the budgeting with envelopes. It helps track purchases and keeps me in check. It helps me balance my inner shopper with my more practical side.

Monday, September 13, 2010


I took advantage of Loft's 30% off full price items + free shipping on Saturday and bought this:

I know, big spender. One whole shirt. In my defense, my clothing budget went to buying these: And running shoes are expensive (but oh so worth it.) Other clothing budget drains: winter coat for my son, lacrosse stick for my daughter, and 2 dress shirts for my man.

Just for the record, the striped sweater purchase does not at all stop me from wanting this once the clothing budget is replenished:

J Crew Vintage Boatneck

Also on the "To Purchase" List? This shirt from Target:

I know the lame Target photo does not do it justice, so you will just have to trust me when I say it is gasp-worthy cute.

Map Love

I saw these over a month ago and I haven't been able to stop thinking about them.

Some super talented lady made this. She made it. I mean, I would play with this for hours. Not to mention my 6 year old. I am kind of fantasizing about making this for her for Christmas. Then I laugh really loud.

This quilt made my jaw drop. I couldn't stop looking at it. Another really talented person.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Lessons on matching

According to Heidi and my oldest sister, your clothes don't have to match. (Your mother lied to you.) In fact, it shouldn't match, it should "go".

I have tried to fully embraced this. Here are some fine examples.

Check out my brown/red animal print flats with my blue gingham shirt.

Or my mixing polka dots with florals.

Or this pink bracelet with my turquoise.

It is still a work in progress, but I am pleased with the results.
Did I mention my new dining chairs? Our old chairs were in sad shape and it was high time for replacements. (Not to mention, our new table seats 8 and 6 chairs just didn't cut it.)

The new chairs are nothing fancy. They are plain. They are super comfy. Comfort was the most important factor. I wanted chairs that said, "Please stay for a long long time." The cover is removable and washable. I think they are perfect.

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