Friday, February 27, 2009


I would like to invent something new called Cardio Karaoke. Because today when I was at the hotel gym running five miles on the treadmill and listening to my iPod, I really really wanted to sing right out loud with all the songs. I did not think my compadres in the room: French Man in Spandex, New York Woman in Black (texting the entire time on her elliptical) or Serious Runner Chic in Short Shorts would appreciate my impromptu concert, so I was content with only mouthing the words.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Another boring Update

But it's not boring to me.

Ode to Napoleon

I am taking a trip to Chicago (without the kids!) and plan on doing lots and lots of walking. I went last year, it was a dream. I wore these shoes: boots with heels.

My toes froze. And my feet hurt for days afterward. I ended up limping around the city. When I went to the Chicago Institute of Art I gave up and wore my running shoes. I am classy like that.

This year I was on the look out for a new pair of shoes for my Chicago trip. Criteria: Warm (since Chicago is FREEZING) and comfortable. I found these little beauties. They look like normal shoes:

Until you lift the pant leg and see the fabulous shiny, puffy mini-boot top.
I plan on keeping the pant leg down, the entire time, I've got my dignity.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

News on the fam

For the Love of Valentines

I sometimes make my kids Valentine's Day shirts. (This year my boys took a pass on the homemade shirt and just wore red.)

I used these tops as inspiration:

All of our tees were found on clearance at Old Navy ($1.25, $3, $1.25 respectively - The one I am wearing is from the girl's department - same shirt as A's but several sizes larger. They are pretty boxy. H's is a women's size, it is more fitted.)

The white ribbon is a chiffon material cut in strips (on the bias.) For the girl's shirts, I stitched the word "love" and used a light-weight stablizer underneath the t-shirt. A's was free hand. When I made H's, I found a font I liked and then cut out the word "love" and used a disappearing-ink fabric pen so I had something to follow.

For mine: I used the chiffon strips and sewed them into circles (flowers) starting in the center and working outward. I was able to do this easily on my sewing machine.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Reduce, REUSE, Recycle

I was in the process of organizing my desk

and got a little distracted making these:

For pencils, scissors, glue, etc.

You may recall, I did the same thing on my mantle for Valentine's Day decor.

jcrew Chiffon Flower

I became obsessed with making this flower after seeing them all over the jcrew catalog and store. Here on some of my first attempts. I am getting better as I go along.

Don't you wish I was a better photographer?

How cute as a hair clip:
My friend gave me the idea of swing them onto a pin. This way you could clip them onto cardigans, tees, anything.

Gift wrap

I am a wrapping paper girl. I usually keep a stash of fantastic wrapping paper on hand. Imagine my surprise when I was fresh out of everything but this plain green. I immediately headed to my stash of letter stickers to dress it up. Turned out cute, yes?

Friday, February 6, 2009


I love these clothes from jcrew's children's clothing line. I want every one for my youngest (and for me.)

This one is my most, most favorite.

I am going to try to find a way to make some of these myself. I will keep you posted.

New Rug(s)

I fell in love with this Thomas O'Brien rug (from Target) but it was not big enough for my table. So, we bought two. I love this pattern, kind of modern but also classic. (Once we brought the rugs home, I realized that I have a table runner and pillow in the exact same pattern.)

Cute story: we found one rug at our Target (on clearance) and called around to find a second. Every Target in the city was sold out. I was resigned to not own the rug but had not yet returned it. My husband had business in another city 2 hours south, he scoured the Targets in that area and found me my second rug. He's so thoughtful.

This Just In - Bulletin Boards

I made some bulletin boards for my boys room. I am anti-clutter so up until this point have not let them put anything up on their walls.

Just a little bit of paint and painter's tape.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


I have decided to do things a little differently. I have decided to keep two blogs. (1 Ne. 19) I love having a private blog so I feel free to post whatever I want about my family. But I also like the idea of having a public blog to share my ideas, projects, thoughts with the entire universe.

This blog will be the blog where I post about all my projects, home decor stuff, shopping exploits/wish-lists. Kind of like Oh Happy Day but not nearly as hip or polished. You can add announcingcarie to your googlereader or bloglines account so I will continue to also use it to announce posts for carie-list.

my other blog will be continue my family journal. All my weekly updates, fun family happenings, and things of the such. Pretty much only (some) family and friends will have any interest in this blog.

Feel free to read both. If you want an invite to my private blog, post a comment asking for an invite.

Valentine's Decor ala Carie

I especially like to decorate for Valentine's day because I secretly I want to (permanently) decorate my house in pink and red. They are such happy colors.

This was my favorite creation of the season: a red frame with the word kiss and then a picture of my husband and I happily demonstrating.

I made these pillows about 5 years ago and still love them.

This year I made these "vases" from cans and then covered them with scrapbook paper. They go nicely with this red and white vase I already own. It still looks a bit empty. I think I'll make a few more.

Love the sparkly candles.

My friend taught me this trick: using a place mat on a table or kitchen island. Perfect size. I thought the red toile was a good fit for Valentine's day.

Hair Clips, Homemade

My daughter has very fine thin hair that we keep in a darling bob. We don't have many exciting hair-do options: down, down with clip, and ponytails. Her hair is so fine that only certain clips will stay. I have not been able to find many that I love, so I spent an evening making these. All the supplies cost me around $20.

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