Monday, February 23, 2009

Ode to Napoleon

I am taking a trip to Chicago (without the kids!) and plan on doing lots and lots of walking. I went last year, it was a dream. I wore these shoes: boots with heels.

My toes froze. And my feet hurt for days afterward. I ended up limping around the city. When I went to the Chicago Institute of Art I gave up and wore my running shoes. I am classy like that.

This year I was on the look out for a new pair of shoes for my Chicago trip. Criteria: Warm (since Chicago is FREEZING) and comfortable. I found these little beauties. They look like normal shoes:

Until you lift the pant leg and see the fabulous shiny, puffy mini-boot top.
I plan on keeping the pant leg down, the entire time, I've got my dignity.


Micah said...

I tagged you in 2 posts... Check it out!

heidi said...

i think these boots are a great choice! you could even walk on the moon in them!!!

Liz said...

I confess Napoleon Dynamite did flash into my head when I saw the padded tops. Sweet!

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