Tuesday, April 27, 2010


I saw this table cloth the other day at Target (Love dwellstudio.) Why are all of Target's pictures on the website SO awful? In real life, this knocks your socks off.

It would definitely match:

So I thought "What would Sarah Do?" And you know what? I think she might make some curtains.

Here's the thing: these table cloths are quite inexpensive. If I hate it in a couple of years - who cares? Minimal investment.

I'm thinking about it. I'll keep you posted.

I'm Off!

(This is the only pic I can find of all involved parties - minus me.)

I'm off or a LONG weekend. I am meeting up with (some) of my sisters + mom. Then staying with my best friend from college. Are you so excited for me?

Almost Free

Wednesday! Hooray! Go eat some ice cream.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I have really been enjoying reading the goodie life as of late. Ever heard of it? Another solid blog.

She posted about the most amazing house (originally posted on design sponge) the other day. I can't stop thinking about it! So much of this house is exactly my taste.

For example. Love the door and shingles. I happen to have very similar on my exterior.
Crazy about the barn doors. We already have the hardware for the doors, just haven't installed them yet.
I have been obessesing over this mirror ever since I first laid eyes on it. Bench? Pillows? Love them.
Subway sign? On my must own list. Bookshelf? Dreaming of it forever.

This would fit in perfectly with my house. Beige on tan. Some people think it's boring, I think it is peaceful perfection. Please notice the amazing light fixtures.

Laundry basket: was just talking about this very item a few weeks ago.

See what I mean? It's like I have a design twin somewhere in the world.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


I have been seeing some great finds on some of the mom fashion blogs (I just named them that. I don't know if anyone else really calls them mom fashion blogs.) Here are some of their clothes finds from Marshalls but all very JCrew.

From the Guilt Free Housewife

From Fabulous Florida Mommy

After seeing these treasures, I couldn't resist I trip to Marshalls myself. I didn't find the white top (darn!) but I did see all of other three.

I purchased this one in black.

All of these tops are from a brand called Kenar. I would like to personally thank Kenar for doing such a fantastic job copying JCrew.

Check out this amazing Kenar coat (from Marshalls.) A little piece of gorgeous-ness for $39.99.
The ruffle! The sleeves! The collar! Fully lined.

Not that this means I won't be visiting JCrew. (Don't make me laugh.)

Proof: my latest favorite JCrew purchase, fresh off the sale rack. Cotton Papillon Blouse

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Silver Maple

Have I ever mentioned that I have the most incredible, talented, and generous friends? A few days ago, I received this in the mail:

A gorgeous hand-stamped silver and copper necklace with my monogram. Specially made, just for me, by a dear dear friend. Every time I see it I think "Those are my initials!" I can't believe it's mine.

I put it on right away.

My friend has started her own business making this amazing and unique jewelry.

Go to her website www.thesilvermaple.com and see her stuff. It's all customized and completely gorgeous.

(I love the running jewelry. What a great way to celebrate a big race hint, hint husband.)

Amazing, right?


We planted this tree last fall and I was so excited to see the spring blossoms today.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


It is very important that you check out Emersonmade immediately. I love every single thing about this website. The flowers, oh the flowers! And the styling is out of this world.

Family Things


A huge catch-up of February.

Monday, April 12, 2010

I saw this adorable-ness on a blog a few weeks ago.

You think that is cute? You should see her nursery. Go ahead, click on the link, I'll wait.

My dear friend is having a baby (her first!) She is a particular favorite of mine. We were in a Primary Presidency together. We also played on the same rock-awesome volleyball team. She is hilarious and gorgeous and super fun. She is having a girl.

I couldn't resist making some onesies and burp clothes for my friend. My shameless copies:

Group shot (plus a couple of newborn skirts I found):

Friday, April 9, 2010

Summer List - Shoes

A really fantastic friend who seems to think that I am knowledgeable in fashion and the such asked me to post some of my must-haves for Spring.

Here is my feeble attempt. I will start with shoes. I find that the entire outfit will be ruined by not having the right shoe.

This was my go-to shoe last summer: (B.o.c. by Born. Savina in Champagne.)
I wore them all the time with shorts, capris, skirts, dresses, casual or dressed up. They are still in great condition and I will probably wear them all summer long again. The beauty here is the neutral champagne color. It goes with absolutely everything.

I hunted around and found some other neutral shoe options. These first three are all from the brand b.o.c. because they are affordable and they are comfortable.

Rianne - the heel maybe kind of cheesy, I'd have to seem them in real life.

From DSW shoes.
Other options?
Chocolat Blu Flower Thong Sandal

Ankle Wrap Wedge with Braided Trim

Here are some great options from Target.

I am in love with the idea of yellow sandals. I think they would go with everything.
Again: what wouldn't these go with?
I own these.

Stay tuned for other summer ideas.

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