Sunday, February 15, 2009

For the Love of Valentines

I sometimes make my kids Valentine's Day shirts. (This year my boys took a pass on the homemade shirt and just wore red.)

I used these tops as inspiration:

All of our tees were found on clearance at Old Navy ($1.25, $3, $1.25 respectively - The one I am wearing is from the girl's department - same shirt as A's but several sizes larger. They are pretty boxy. H's is a women's size, it is more fitted.)

The white ribbon is a chiffon material cut in strips (on the bias.) For the girl's shirts, I stitched the word "love" and used a light-weight stablizer underneath the t-shirt. A's was free hand. When I made H's, I found a font I liked and then cut out the word "love" and used a disappearing-ink fabric pen so I had something to follow.

For mine: I used the chiffon strips and sewed them into circles (flowers) starting in the center and working outward. I was able to do this easily on my sewing machine.

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janice said...

you are way more crafty then me. they look great!

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