Friday, February 6, 2009

New Rug(s)

I fell in love with this Thomas O'Brien rug (from Target) but it was not big enough for my table. So, we bought two. I love this pattern, kind of modern but also classic. (Once we brought the rugs home, I realized that I have a table runner and pillow in the exact same pattern.)

Cute story: we found one rug at our Target (on clearance) and called around to find a second. Every Target in the city was sold out. I was resigned to not own the rug but had not yet returned it. My husband had business in another city 2 hours south, he scoured the Targets in that area and found me my second rug. He's so thoughtful.

1 comment:

Carie said...

I Can't belive you got no comments for the rockin rug!!!!!!!!! If they ever felt it it would rock their world. We should feel sorry for those poor unfortanate souls.They will never know what Heven on earth feels like fells. Never. SUCKERS!!!


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