Friday, September 17, 2010

Clever, so clever

Those folks at J Crew are so smart and they completely have my number. I got an email in my inbox today announcing this:

Like most outlet stores, J Crew Factory carries less expensive (and less quality to be honest) versions of last year's items. The nearest J Crew Factory store to me is about 3 hours away. So now if you were drooling over the Maya cardigan and never picked it up? You can now order it on line.

Or the Imperial tee? You've been given a second chance.
I feel like I can confess to you that (although I have met my clothing budget for the week) I did purchase the Imperial tee. The money will probably have to come out of the Entertainment envelope* instead. Buying a shirt can technically be entertainment, yes? My blog is a safe forum for coming clean, since my husband never reads it. He does however read the bank statement so I only have about a day before he notices. I'd better confess quickly.

*Anyone else use the envelope system? Despite occasionally having to get creative, I really do love the budgeting with envelopes. It helps track purchases and keeps me in check. It helps me balance my inner shopper with my more practical side.


Laura Elizabeth Fredlund said...

we use the envelope system, and I couldn't imagine life without it! It's essential.


Darci said...

I just went to the Seattle Outlets (which are really in Marysville) located 5 minutes from my in-laws and drooled over everything at J-Crew. On-line J-crew outlet is almost as good as the real thing.

I used a cash budget but not envelopes, Am I still cool???

Brooke said...

Holy Hannah! This is genius.

Jeppson Clan said...

We've used envelopes for the last 7 years and it's been the system we have stuck with and works best for us (me). ;)

Meredith said...

I've heard of the envelope system, but don't know the details. I'd try it if I knew how to do it.

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