Friday, December 10, 2010

Christmas List

Do you make lists for Christmas? We do. Here is one I am working on for my husband. Just so you know, I make sure he has plenty to choose from.

Perfume. My favorite scent. I have never found anything I like better.

Gloves Target. I think this teal color is so pretty, would match gray or brown or black. The removable mitten would come in handy if I ever get a cool phone.

Plug in Seat Warmer for my "vintage" vehicle. My late 90's SUV is my pride and joy. I truly LOVE my car. The heat works most of the time, so this might come in handy.

Anthropologie Gorgeousness I especially NEED the stripe twist tee and the gray rose tee and the navy cowl neck tee. Oh and everything else.

Pretty Books I think I have posted about these a million times. They are just so darn pretty.

Sweats in black. (I already own the gray, they are perfection.)

Radio for kitchen so I can listen to npr, my ipod or a cd while I cook.
From Loft. The shoes! The belt!

I think that is a good start! Now if only I could get my husband to read my blog . . .


Dylana Suarez said...

This is a great list!

Lovely blog!


brittney said...

you know, i was doing just fine with being content with my belongings until i spied your anthro picks. hello. or, rather, goodbye to my contentedness. i must have it alllllll!!!!
and, hi, i'm brittney. i just started a fashion blog about how to wear what you already own (oh the irony!). i'd love it if you stopped by sometime you have a free minute. :)
either way, have a good one!

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