Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Dance

My oldest went to her first school dance. Finding the right dress was quite an ordeal. Something adorable, something amazing. Something fancy but not too fancy. But the really hard part? Something appropriate.

We fell in love with this dress. Except it was ridiculously short and barely covered anything up top. And was too big. Minor details.
Enter my dear friend Cheri, seamstress extraordinaire. The dress was quite inexpensive, so we bought two. The small would be the dress, the large would be used for material. We took the bubble hem out of the small dress. Then we cut some length off of the large and added it too the small. By "we" I mean, Cheri. It was pretty complicated because there were multiple layers but Cheri is a genius, a patient genius. We took some of the other extra material and made sleeves.

I sewed the sleeves on. I also took in the waist. The finished product turned out SUPER.

All that was left was to add some special touches. Red shoes with a not-too-high heel. Turquoise sparkly toenails.

Cute earrings and a fun hairdo.

The hair was based on this 'do.

Here again, I put my friends to work. My gorgeous and talented friends Tiffany and Jamey came over to help with hair and makeup. (I am hair and makeup challenged.) They did an incredible job.

The best accessory of all? A darling best friend to go to the dance with.

After the dance, I took Hailey and some of her friends to the Cheesecake Factory for dessert.


Darci said...

Prefect! Everything looked perfect.

heidiluxe said...

DYING a little inside. she looks so great and i wish so much that i could have been there. i wonder if thomas would consider commuting?

Jessica said...

I reall hope hailey realizes the social capital that come from having a mom who knows how (and is willing) to help her look awesome. I think high school is much easier on kids who know how to dress.

justjen said...

Amazing transformation of the dress! Well done to all involved, and to you for having the vision! She looked adorable!

Laura Elizabeth Fredlund said...

It looks awesome! and the hair looks perfect. I am also hair and makeup challenged.. sigh.

I'm really impressed :)

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