Tuesday, December 21, 2010

2010 Christmas Advent

Most years we try to do a Christmas Advent Calendar. I originally got the idea here a few years ago. (See here how she explained it in 2009, and another post.) Basically, it's do something fun and Christmas-y every day to help put you in the Christmas spirit. This year we are doing the 12 days of Christmas. (I wasn't nearly organized enough to start this on Dec. 1st.)

12 Days Until Christmas: The card in the envelope read "Use your own advent calendar to track the days until Christmas."

I made each of the kids their own advent calendar with a 12 pack of foil gum.

11 Day Until Christmas:
"Eat a candy cane. Use the rest to decorate the tree. 11 Days Until Christmas!"

10 Days. "Wear Festive PJ's tonight! 10 Days Until Christmas!"

(where's Avery? sent to bed early for being a stinker. she got her pjs the next morning.)

"9 Days Until Christmas: Read A Christmas Dress for Ellen and eat Peppermint Bark."

This is my favorite Christmas story of all time. Buy the book here. Thank me later.

"Bake and decorate sugar cookies! 7 Days Until Christmas!"

(Please notice the Y cookie shape, we picked it up at the BYU bookstore this summer.) I used this recipe. It was perfect.

Some other activities? Read Luke 2, sing hymns, and drink Apple Pear Cider. Watch a Christmas movie. Attend Hailey's Christmas concert.

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Steph said...

So cute! I love, love, love all the ideas... You are so creative Carie!

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