Friday, April 15, 2011

This Week . . .

This week I . . .

1. On the middle of my run, ran up hill with airplane arms zig-zagging back and forth. Even though everyone and their dog was driving by taking their kids to school. I couldn't help it. I was listening to this song.

2. Cried, again, when Matt Saracen was so lovely to his Grandma.

3. Cleaned my house from top to bottom and almost folded all the laundry.

4. Didn't buy the Sun Shades dress when it didn't go on sale for the millionth week in a row, even though I really want it and it's sold out on line and nearly gone from the stores.

5. Read a really great talk on parenting. Here is a highlight:

"It is my observation that the most underaddressed issue regarding our youth is not whether they can handle being told no but whether parents have the courage to say no. How can we expect our sons and daughters have courage to tell their friends, their peers, "No, I can't," or "No I won't," if we can't say no to our children? Our children learn courage from the way we deal with them.

Oh, if we could all be like the mothers of the two thousand stripling warriors - unified in what we teach and what we expect. Do you suppose those stripling warriors went to their mothers on the eve of their first battle, whining, 'I know the Lamanites are restless tonight, but hey, I wanna go hang out in Bountiful with my friends. I hear it's rockin'! And mom everybody's doing it.' The stripling warriors didn't say that, for one thing, because no one else was doing it. Those mothers were unified in their teachings, standards, and expectations. The stripling warriors faced those causes with courage because their mothers faced those causes with courage (Alma 56:46-48.) Stripling mothers, can we make sure our lights are always pointing toward the Savior and the band together with other mothers, open dialogue between us, compare information, and trench in?"
Karen Warner, BYU Women's Conference 2000.

6. Changed our phone provider, and thus our phone number and haven't given out the new number to anyone. It's kind of nice to not get a single call for the last 2 days. (Have you been trying to call me? Sorry.

7. Donated to NPR.


Heidi Lyn said...

I'm always the fool running and dancing at the same time . . . I LOVE that you donated to NPR. SAVE NPR!

Jenni said...

OH, you would be cute in that Sun Shades dress! I bought it for a wedding but then decided against it...but still think it's super cute!!! Here's to hoping there's a sale tonight!!

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