Friday, April 15, 2011

Shopping Trip and some Thoughts

Today I did a little shopping. A little. Did I ever mention I took the month of March off from shopping? It may not seem like much to you to take a month off, but it was kind of a long month for me.

I am at an interesting phase in my life clothes wise. I don't really need anything. And while my budget is not limitless (wouldn't that be fun?), it's not as limited as it once was. We don't do debt. We don't do credit cards. We have four kids. I stay at home. There hasn't always been loads of extra for my love of shopping. We have more room these days. It's nice.

I am used to having the budget determine my clothes purchases. It is a bit of an adjustment having to look at clothes buying with other parameters. Like say, for example, closet space. Before I would have asked myself: Is this in the budget? Now, I have to ask all sorts of new questions, like: Do I really need more clothes? Can I ever really wear all these clothes? Just how many cardigans does one person need? These are tough questions. Tough indeed.

As much as I love clothes and shopping, I hate, hate, hate to be wasteful. I'd rather save my money for the few things I really love. (Like the Sun Shades Dress from Anthro that I better buy soon before it sells out even though I'd rather not pay full price.)

So. All of today's purchases are brought to you courtesy of Loft's 40% off everything in the store sale. I would be happy to link these for you to their site, but I can't find any of these online.

Prettiest blue in the world T-shirt. (My name for the color, not theirs.)

This top said Anthropologie to me.

See the cute detail?

I loved this little tank. I am wearing the Shade Demi Cap Sleeve Tee under it. (The Demi Cap Sleeve is just a half shirt. Perfect for hot humid Missouri summers. Rest assured, it will always be worn under, never solo.)


Really close.

Another very Anthro-like item, this lovely skirt.

Can you see that it is two layers? The black overlay has holes that show the cream underskirt. Super cute. The length was a little short, so I sized up and am wearing it low on the hips.

While I'm posting pictures, here is the dress I wore the other day while helping out a luncheon for missionaries in our area. I love this dress because it covers my shoulders, chest (insert your own joke here) and knees. I had to let out the hem to help in the knee department, but still.

It's not as dorky of a length in person. Trust me.

Dress: Gap Outlet
Belt: Talbots, thrifted
Shoes: Anne Klein

This is what I wore today. I am kind of a plain Jane. I used to fight it but now I embrace it. It's just how I roll.

Jacket: American Eagle
Shirt: JCrew
Jeans: Gap Long and Lean
Shoes: Old Navy

P.S. Sorry about all the blurry pictures. They seemed a lot clearer before I downloaded.
Mer, what am I doing wrong?


Jessica said...

I can't imagine having the budget consideration. I just bought $350 worth of clothes today from anthro, the rack and old navy and while I think they are a) beautiful b)a long time coming c)a great reward for losing my weight d)needed, I'm vascillating between giddy and guilty.

I would love to show them all to you. Oh, one is that anthro shirt that's navy/light blue striped and twisted. And the Magellan dress.

I'm embracing giddy.

Jenni said...

You found some really cute stuff! GOod for you for spending on yourself! I LOVE that cute dress you're wearing in your is seriously adorable! COngrats on your awesome scores...can't wait to see them all in upcoming OOTD's!

Meredith said...

Very cute outfits, as always. :)

The blurriness is probably because you've turned your flash off (which is good since you're taking pictures through the mirror). It's harder to get super crisp images in natural light if your settings aren't set just right, especially on a point and shoot. I would be happy to help you look at your camera so that we can try and get crisper images for your modeling. :)

Meredith said...

P.S. I got a new photography blog!!!!

You should check it out. I'm in love.

Thanks for the shout-out, too!

Meredith said...

Also, you should see the cute stuff I bought for MYself recently. Yeah. Like hundreds of dollars worth. You'd be proud. (I think.)

Ok. I'm done commenting.

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