Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Fashion Blogs

In accordance with my frivolous New Year's resolution to "branch out" with my clothing, I have like any good student been doing my homework. Which mostly means checking out some new blogs.

First- The Anthropologie Blogs. Did you know there are people who devote their entire blog to one store? In this, case Anthropologie. And they post nearly every day. Can you imagine having something to say about Anthro everyday? They do.

My two favorite Anthropologie blogs are:

Effortless Anthropologie

Both of these blogs are super helpful and chock full of information. What's new? What's on sale? How does it fit? For example: did you know that Anthropologie does mark downs on Tuesdays? It's true. These women go into the store and try and clothes and give reviews. Really. They post what's been marked down. They give an overview of new arrivals. It is really quite something.

Other Fashion Blogs I discovered:

Fabulous Florida Mommy
(I kind of hate the name, no offense FFM.) This blog is an all around/general fashion blog. She posts all the deals happening in stores (Loft clearance extra 50% off, etc.) Very helpful. She posts outfit ideas (via polyvore for those of you in the know.) Her style is quite similar to mine: classic JCrew-ish, so I especially like to see what she puts together. She also posts what Stuart Smalley might call Daily Affirmations, a little cheesy yes but a helpful well written blog nonetheless.

Kenneday's Outfits A cute teenager with a fun fashion sense posts some of her outfits. If I was to name the blog, I would have called it "I'm Bringing Preppy Back."

What's Up My Nerds? I love how she just goes for it. This would be someone I would love to have live near me. (boo hoo.)

My New Favorite Blog:

Modestly Styled. Modestly Me. This blog is a favorite because it is written by an LDS mom - just like me. She likes to shop at Loft, Downeast, JCrew, Boden, and Anthropologie - just like me. She believes that you can be fashionable while being modest and a mom - just like me. (From what I can tell from her blog) She has a huge shopping monthly shopping budget - not like me. But it is still pretty fun to watch her spend. I like to see how she layers her outfits (code for: makes things modest.)

Here are a few of my attempts as of late, from mostly previously-owned items:

Top- Gap, Jeans- AE Boyfriend rolled, Shoes- Baretrap Katice knee-length boot.*Heidiluxe put this together for me.

White shirt- Layers. Tee- Jcrew. Necklace- AE. Pants- Loft. Shoes- Converse OneStar. Coat- Gap. *Inspired by a FFM post.

Dress- Gap. Sweater&tights- Loft. Shoes- Gap outlet. Belt- Made by me from Old Navy skinny belt and Gap flower pin.

Shirt- Target. Sweater- Old Navy. Cords- Loft. Belt- Gap. *Inspired by a picture in a Jcrew catalog.

Here is the dress.

I didn't have the chance to pair it with anything fun, I spent the morning dressing kids and had no time left for me! But I told you it was cute.

Do you have any Clothing Blogs you follow?


Kamran Ahmed said...

Nice Blog

for more info plz visit


Tera said...

That dress looks amazing on you!! Good choice.

heidi said...

i LOVE that grey sweater jcrew inspired outfit. genius. love it.

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