Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Very Agreeable Alternative*

(*I'm not really going to be able to title all my posts with lines from Pride and Prejudice, but isn't it fun when I do? Can't you just picture Mr. Collins saying this very line?)

One of my Resolutions is to break out of my mold a little bit as far as clothes go. (I didn't say it was an important resolution, I just said it was a resolution.) Specifically, I'm interested in going to some different shops and getting out of my comfort zone.

It seems as though as of late I all end up with all the same clothes as everyone else. Does this ever happen to you? It doesn't really bother me per se because: 1. We all have similar tastes and budgets. 2. I am often the one copying the clothes of others (ie "Where did you get that darling shirt?" then happily purchase said darling shirt for myself. 3. They're only clothes. (yes, heidi I really did just say that.) and 4. Who died and made me the clothes police?

But as I thought about it, I figured it would be worth it to branch out. Try something new.

As it just so happens, I was in Wet Seal the other day (with my daughter looking for jewelry, not clothes, my pride makes me add) and found this sweater:

I didn't buy it at first because it seemed a little too good to be true. Was it really cute or was it just surrounded by so much neon and studs that it only appeared cute by default? Then there was the whole quality issue.

Caution was thrown to the wind. I bought it. And wore it. And I really like it. Do not fear rather than checking out the cheaply made teenager-y shops, my goal is to hit stores that I already love but rarely buy from: Anthropolgie, Jcrew, etc. A Very Agreeable Alternative.


justjen said...

Oh Carie we share a brain sometimes! How we can do this from across the country still amazes me! Love the sweater, love the post!

heidi said...

and food is just food until we die from not eating.

Jessica said...

I just love trying out new places! I think the sweater is adorable and can't wait to see it on you!

Meredith said...

I'm positive you could even pull off the neon and studs, just because you're magical like that when it comes to clothing.

Whitneys said...

Very cute sweater and it looks great on you. I agree, you can pull off just about anything.

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