Wednesday, January 6, 2010

You've Delighted Us Long Enough

Dear Snow and Cold,

Thank you for giving us a lovely white Christmas. And sledding was loads of fun. You're just beautiful, you really are. I think we've had a good run. I appreciate your desire to stick around. But we are ready to get back to moderate temperatures sans the white stuff.

You see, we've gone through a lot of propane keeping the house warm. If I'm being honest, the straw that broke the camel's back was having the kids are out of school AGAIN when they only just headed back yesterday. So I think it's best if we part ways and make a clean break. Maybe we could get together again sometime next year, say around Christmas? Think about it.

I hope you know, it's not you, it's me.

All the best,

Alas the forecast does not portend good things. Do you see the HIGH on Friday?

Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
22° F | 8° F
Mostly Cloudy
10° F | -6° F
Partly Cloudy
0° F | -10° F
2° F | -1° F

90% chance of precipitation
Mostly Cloudy Partly Cloudy Clear


Jessica said...

We have nothing here. It's honestly fine with me (being a California girl and all) but the kids are dying to use Christmas sleds. Plus it's the only thing that will get them outside.

Good luck with that 2 degree Friday.

Lance and Kira Rasmussen said...

Okay, okay. You have bested me. Your forecast puts ours to shame. But in fairness- I only own one long sleeved shirt. ONE! And the only shoes I have that cover my feet are running shoes (and not the cute kind). At least you have an adorable wardrobe to pair with the snow.

justjen said...

Oh Carie, I LOVE LOVE LOVE your posting with quotes from P&P. I wish I had thought of it myself! Way too clever, and adding creativity to your already creative posts like the one above! I love the way your mind works!! Sorry about the white stuff, I can imagine it gets old after a bit...but then I can only imagine it... the temps for the week here are ranging from 55-63!

Heidi Lyn said...

Holy mother of coldness! Your snow and cold has put me to shame as well. . . . Ouch!

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