Monday, February 8, 2010

I do not cough for my own amusement

("Don't keep coughing so, Kitty, for heaven's sake! Have a little compassion on my nerves. You tear them to pieces.''

"Kitty has no discretion in her coughs,'' said her father; "she times them ill.''

"I do not cough for my own amusement,'' replied Kitty fretfully.)

I have been sick the last several days. The worse kind of sick: just sick enough to feel awful but not quite sick enough to fully take advantage of the "sick card." I gave about a half day every day. It was all I could muster.

I seem to finally be on the mend. One more good night's rest and I will be good as new. About time because my house is desperately needing my attention.

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Tera said...

Feel better Carie! Being sick is no fun.

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