Wednesday, February 24, 2010

How's that working for you?

Hair Update, life as a brunette.

My husband: really likes it. I can tell he is still deciding whether or not he likes the blond better, but he definitely likes the brunette too.

Reactions from others: Overwhelmingly positive. Although, do you think anyone would tell me if they hated it?

Interesting observations:

-Most people don't recognize me at first. Some people still have trouble recognizing me. (HLuxe, T!)
-At a church party every kept wondering why my husband was dancing with a brunette.
-Most of the reactions has been from men. They know more about hair than I ever realized.
-A lot of people thought the blonde was natural. Ha. ha.
-The lone naysayer calls me Elvira but also used to call me Heather Locklear when I was blonde so I am not sure we can fully trust his judgement.
-Lots of people comment on how the color compliments my eyes. I'll admit it, this pleases me the most. I've always wanted great eyes.
-Most unexpected: my hair looks thicker, healthier, and more shiny than ever. I love that.

My super talented photographer friend Meredith offered to capture my brunette-ness in all it's glory. If you live anywhere near Kansas City, you should have her take your pictures. She is amazing and adorable. Contact her via her website, MeredithRae Photography. You can see more of her work on her photography blog.

In posting these pictures, I am reminded of a line from Love Walked In by Marisa de los Santos: "There were no photographs of her . . . after seeing the photo of her, I took it as a sign of enormous modesty and restraint because, if I looked like that, it would take Herculean modesty and restraint not to plaster every wall with my own image." I am no beauty, but Meredith took some great pictures. I will restrain myself from plastering pictures on every wall in my home. I will however plaster them on this blog.

When was the last time you posed for pictures - just you? High school? Wedding? I felt very self conscious. That is probably why in nearly every picture I have an awkward-smile-borderline-smirk. I'm cool like that.

Can you tell something's missing? Only one earring. Don't worry, I didn't lose it.

The book was my idea but you probably figured that out.

I love this one. As if I lay on the couch often, eating bon-bons and watching soap operas.

To sum up, I think all middle aged women (am I really middle aged? I guess so) should have their pictures taken (by Meredith if possible.) Especially if you don't think you are beautiful. At first it seemed indulgent and narcissistic but now I am so glad I did it. And so is my husband. Thanks Mer for offering!


Jessica said...

Now you have a million new profile pictures to choose from!

So pretty. What a fun thing to do!

Meredith said...

HA! I didn't even notice the earring in that one! Sorry about that. I did notice on the comforter one, because the bare ear was hidden, and I thought that worked out wonderfully.

Thanks for the advertising! You rock!

And you were a wonderful subject to work with!!!!!! I would definitely say you are a beauty. :)

I love the brunette color. It's completely you.

Darci said...

Oh C, you should have done the turtle pose, just for fun.

Tera said...

You look amazing! These pictures are fabulous! Kudos to you for being so beautiful and to Meredith for capturing that beauty. I think the darker hair makes you look younger.

Nicole said...

Cute pictures! And you're so right, I LOVE the Target pillow!

Jacque said...

I agree, the darker hair highlights your beautiful eyes!

Heidi Lyn said...

Okay, so at first I thought the dark was DARK and wondered if it would work, but now I'm thinking it was the picture quality. In these photos the brown is warm and rich, much more flattering.

The pictures are gorgeous and isn't it nice to know you can go either way and still look fabulous?

heidi said...

so great. i feel lamesauce commenting almost a month later, but lovely nonetheless.
and i would plaster pictures of myself everywhere. that's why i blog.

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