Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Pom-Pom Love

I love, love, love this picture from Anthropologie.

I bought this tissue pom-pom kit from Martha (a few years ago) to use as decor for my daughter's bday.

After the party, my oldest ended up putting them up in her room. Not hanging from the ceiling but she stuck them right on the walls. They look adorable. She's so clever.

I saw these in the latest Potterybarn Teen and thought they would go perfect in her room.

I am sure I could make them myself but for this price, I think it will it is worth ordering them.

I don't think they still sell the Pom-Pom kit, but you can find instructions on how to make them here and use them for all sorts of fun things.


Brooke said...

I share your pom-pom love.

janice said...

I did big pom-pom flowers for Sheri's baby shower and everyone loved them! it really helped make the room look festive. One person even took them home to decorate her cousins car, that was getting married the next day. =)

Darci said...

It's because you were a cheerleader.

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