Wednesday, August 19, 2009

True Love

We have been enjoying some unseasonably cool weather for the month of August. I am taking full advantage of these days while training for my half-marathon. Thankfully, I have yet to run at the gym in 3 full weeks of training. Miraculous.

This morning I began my run under a cool, overcast sky. Absolutely perfect running weather.

A light drop of rain.



Then Complete Downpour.

(This is what I looked like after the run. Maybe you can't tell from the front view, but I am so wet water is dripping off me. The side view shows the contrast of the dry and wet. Also, check out my hair: it was straight when I started my run.)

I am from the Pacific Northwest, so rain doesn't really bother me. But thunder and lightening? Probably not such a good idea to run in a lightening storm.

Not 5 minutes after the storm began, I see a familiar car pull up to the side of the road.

It's my husband. He was worried about me. He stopped his work, got in the car and drove around until he found me.

It's just a really good feeling to be loved.


heidi said...

your highlights look so good in that bottom picture. is that a product of true love too?

Darci said...

That's cute.

Tera said...

That is so sweet! What a good husband.

justjen said...

Aw Carie, I can so relate! That really is true love, you are so dang cute!!

Debbie's World said...

I want to see what you are going to sew for Avery...!! I love seeing creative, fun things..and it was so good seeing you at Becky's looked darling!

MissRochelle said...


Laura Elizabeth Fredlund said...

awwwww : ) That was pretty cute. I don't know if it's because i'm pregnant or what, but that almost made me tear!

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