Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Happy Endings

(Ed. note: The regular font is everyone on the planet who loves Harry Potter. The italicized text is me.)

Have you read these Potter books?
They will get you on a hook.
The entire world loves to read
About Harry, Ron, Hermione.
You will like them if you do.
Everyone seems to like them but you.

I do not like this Pottery guy
No matter how hard I try.
Do not take it personally,
Harry Potter is not for me.

Will you read it in a book?
Will you try to take a look?
Can you try One, Two, or Three?
Four, Five, Six, or Seven Please?

I tried with One and didn't get through
Then felt obliged to try with Two.
I waited few years and tried again,
With the same result my friend.

I do not like this Potter stuff
I tell you I have tried enough
I am happy as can be
To live my life Potter free.

Will you watch it on a screen?
At the movies or dvd?
Can you watch it in the dark?
At a drive-in movie park?

I tried to watch Movie One
Before it ended I was done.
Just not my thing, I've done my best.
Can we please put this to rest?

Can you listen on cd?
While traveling cross the country?
Will you listen in a car?
If the road trip's very far?

I will try it in on cd,
After this you must leave me be.
I will listen to the story,
No doubt it will bore me.
Here I go, one last try
for this Harry Potter guy.

I like this Potter stuff
I just can't seem to get enough!
CD One is almost through,
I've got to get my hands on Two.
Jim Dale is quite the man
He turned me into a Potter fan.

the end.


Darci said...


Heidi Lyn said...

And yet you like Twilight??? Oh Carie, how are we related?


Very Seussian

The Koford Family said...

Carie you just needed Potter presented in the right medium, Jim Dale. His voice is brilliant! Pure genius. I am happy to know that you now like this Potter guy ;) I knew you would, someone with as great taste as you have for everything else, had to come around. Bravo Jim Dale!

Meredith said...

Yes! I'm not the audiobook person, but Eric is. And when we were first married and on a road trip, that's what he wanted to listen to. But the only way I'd allow it was if it was H.P. becuase I love H.P. And I actually loved those audiobooks. Jim Dale does and excellent job!!!

So yay! I'm glad you like it now! lol

Jeppson Clan said...

carie and fantasy books...maybe you're not a muggle after all? :)

i'm reading book 7 again while i'm here in the land of enchantment. we listened to "these is my words" on the way out here. my mom LOVED it.
miss you.

Brooke said...

Did you know that Jim Dale is Doc Terminus from Pete's Dragon? Just a little random tidbit.

Spence "read" most of the HP books listening to them on CD. We love them!

Shawna said...

Clever, so clever! I'm glad you've been converted.

Tera said...

This was so cute! I love Jim Dale too. Have a great day.

Melinda said...

you and my dad seem to be in the same boat. We hope we converted him to HP after driving 12 hours. It only gets better!

Jessica said...

What a surprise ending! Ryan's listened to most of them and he loves them, too. That Jim Dale is genius.

(That was such a fun post, I read it to my mom.)

Becca said...

how funny! :)

Shawna said...

I want to know how long it took you to compose that verse. That's why I never post on my blog because it always takes me forever to write something semi-clever. (But yours is very clever).


FYI: you commented on my blog about the "3 wolf shirt" that is available on Amazon. It has very funny comments associated with it and was featured on the evening news. That very same shirt is now available for purchase at Wal-mart. My handlers purchased one for their cousin Andrew's birthday. Quite stylish. Maybe it should be a feature on your blog!

Trista said...

We are HUGE Jim Dale fans (think cross country road trips). Nate just didn't feel right about reading book 7, he couldn't let Jim down.

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