Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Search is Over

I would like to introduce you to the perfect moisturizer. My cousin recommended the brand to me (she loves their night cream but I needed something with an spf.)

Let me just tell you this: since using this lotion I have had no blemishes (miracles never cease) and my skin tone and texture have smoothed out and gotten quite lovely.

More, oh yes, more goodness: $14.99 at Target. Works Great. Inexpensive. AND Convenient to purchase. One word: Jackpot.

You may recall I also love their mascara. Can't wait to try more of their products.


Heidi Lyn said...

I haven't tried their day cream, but I WILL be buying it when I return to the States in January. I believe that perfectly balanced skin is the key to a blemish-free existence. Too much or too little moisture and you've got a mess. I'm so glad you love it!

Becca said...

$14.99? Even I can afford that!

Chelsea Bae said...

I've used this brand before, but I stopped when they were out one day. I had to move on to something different.

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