Monday, August 3, 2009

Back to School Shoes, for boys

Thankfully shoes are about the only Back to School shopping we have to do since we wear summer clothes until nearly October here. (Then all the fall stuff is marked down and I score some great deals.)

My shoe buying tips, for boys:

I have learned that spending the money for really quality shoes saves you money in the long run. Cheap shoes just don't last. If I buy a good brand they will last all school year with little to no wear or tear.

Also, I believe that it is best to get your boys at least two pairs of tennis shoes for school. It is handy to have a back up when one pair was used for mud puddles, left overnight by the trampoline, or cannot-be-found-for-the-life-of-me-even-though-we-turned-the-house-upside-down.

My favorite quality shoe brands are Geox and Merrell.

Geox are pricey - $60-$70 dollars. Merrel shoes are more in the $50 range. Nordstroms will normally have them both marked down for their Anniversary Sale (which just ended, sorry.) Marshalls is a great place to look. They have really quality children's shoes for great prices.

The brown Merrell shoes in the above picture are the Moab Ventilator. I have bought these every year for the last 4 years and are my favorite shoes hands down. Not even H can thrash these shoes after a year of wearing them nearly every day.

This year he has decided he wants them in charcoal.

I have had my eye on these shoes ever since I saw them in the crewcuts catalog.

Absolutely the best looking best shoe on the market. Please note how I refrain from calling them cute or adorable since they are for my son. My oldest son (soccer player extraordinaire) loves them, as do I. I just got these from Nordstroms (at the Anniversary sale, they were 30% off.)

This weekend, I found these great back-up shoes for H on clearance at Target.

I also found these on sale for my little one, but girls shoes are a whole other post.


heidi said...

we have those pink shoes. scarlett loves them. she calls them her buff'fly shoes. aren't speech impediments to die for?
i saw the adult women's converse shoes in the black sparkle today.(shopping moratorium ended with ching!) i've decided that my must have shoe for fall is chuck taylors, but perhaps the sparkles were talking to me?


Skinner shoes!!!! These shoes are definitely in the approved Skinner Fall Collection. I love the Skinnerwear updates with photos. Sorry about the "soccer" comment on Baby Puppy's blog. He can be so insensitive sometimes. He is just really passionate about certain things.

I usually find good deals at Steinmart. I heard that they may be going out of biz.

Jeppson Clan said...

i'm definitely getting J. some good shoes this year, his main pair fell apart after a month, and then we had the conference talk about making do, so i sewed sp? on new velcro, but they never were the same and J. didn't like them after that. lesson learned.

Jessica said...

Your shopping knowledge and abilities (see swimsuit post, also) truly leave me speechless. How are you so so good at it??


You truly have an advanced degree in retail. We all appreciate you sharing your vast experience and knowledge.

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Jessica G. Martin said...

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