Sunday, August 9, 2009

To the Rescue

Back to school clothes. My oldest is entering Middle School this year. That's big.

She is very excited. I want to send her off to school with fully armed with confidence, self assurance, poise, and fearlessness. One of the ways to do that is make sure she likes how she looks. True enough, right?

Why do something yourself when you can have someone else do it for you? Enter my fantastic friend Heidi, fashionista extraordinaire. Heidi has an incredible sense of style. Her main mantra seems to be: it doesn't have to match, it just has to go together. She's basically a genius. And honestly, as my oldest approaches the dreaded teenagerdom, she would rather take fashion advice from someone other than her mother.

Heidi came over one afternoon and dug through Hailey's closet. She put together outfits, gave suggestions, and basically solidified her place as our Favorite Person of the Year. The knew just how to cuff the pants - how to put the perfect shirt with the right tank - and most importantly, how to make my daughter feel like a million dollars.

We took pictures and printed them out as thumbnails for Hailey to reference.

Heidi helped us decide what we could get rid of and what we need to buy. I really appreciated that there was a very limited number of Need to Buy Items:

Dark Skinny Jeans (already purchased at Old Navy for $10.)

And a couple of pairs of shoes: (Hailey currently as 2 pairs of shoes.) Upon Heidi's recommendation, we are thinking a navy-ish skimmer like this from Payless:

And a fun Converse color. She calls suggests using this a "neutral" - a color to spice up ordinary outfits. So smart.

Thank your (You've Got Mail reference, not a typo) to Heidi. My daughter is now ready to tackle Middle School full of confidence and armed with style. How lucky am I to have such an amazing friend, so willing to share her talents and time with my daughter?

(P.S. I am pretty sure Heidi needs to start CHARGING for this service. It would be worth every penny spent.)


Anonymous said...

So great to have this for Hailey! We actually do this for our clients for CAbi, we call it our "Mix it up" photos. Your daughter looks sooo much like you, and I love the Audrey poster in her room!

heidi said...

what kinds words!!! my head is going to be so puffed up that i am only going to be able to wear button-up shirts for a long time.
hailey was so much fun to play with. thanks for having me over! i hope she has a great time at school and i can't wait to start planning for winter!!!

Meredith said...

Heck yes she needs to charge! She is awesome, as are you!!!

And what cuh-yute clothes for a middle-schooler! I wish I would have had that style when I was that age (instead, I wore mostly jeans and sweat shirts...but then again, it was the early 90s, wasn't that the style?)


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