Sunday, May 24, 2009


I am a frequenter of the library. By frequenter I mean 2-3 times a week. I put books on hold online and swing by and pick them up. I love it. I am at the library nearly as often as Baskin Robbins. (Like the BR lady, the librarians never recognize me either, you'd think I'd be the Norm of the joint but no.)

Tip: In order to get the book as soon as possible, I often check out the Large Print Edition.

The hold time is always considerably less. We are talking weeks less for New Releases. Oh yeah. It's that good.

Only problem is, the large print is kind of distracting. It takes away some of the pleasure of reading for me, as I am a skim/reader and the large paragraphs throw me off my game.

But better to be a reading little slower and larger then still on hold waiting.

(Moral issue? I have struggled with this: wondering if it is akin to parking in a handicap spot at the grocery store. But in all my searching, I have never found any law against reading the large print books. No librarians every give me the stink-eye when I check these books out. I do take a little comfort in the fact that I have really bad eyesight. Hence, I technically could really need the large print if say, I had my contacts out and was trying to read the book from 2 feet away.)


Becca said...

oh, yeah, your eye sight stinks. ;) If I took off my glasses, I'd still need to hold the large print within 6 inches of my face.

I got a hold of a copy of The Host pretty quickly by reserving the large print. It was entirely unintentional though. I was surprised when I picked it up. Maybe next time I won't be so unintentional about it. Thanks for the tip. :)

Chris Bitely said...

You can always ask the librarian if you actually feel guilty about it. Odds are, they'll encourage it. Increased large print circulations mean increased large print budget, which means more large print books for the people who "need" it.

disclosure: I work for the large print publishing company that published Olive Kitteridge, the book in your photographs.

MissRochelle said...

I laughed though most of that post.


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