Monday, May 18, 2009

How To Make a Flower Belt


Artificial flower, Grosgrain Ribbon, and Decorative Brad. (All can be found at a craft store.)

Do not pick a flower like this, with no removable center. No matter how cute it is, you will not be able to get a brad through it.

Remove flower from stem.

Completely disassemble the flower.

Place brad through the holes.

Measure and cut the desired length of ribbon.

Poke brad into ribbon.


Enjoy adorable belt.

This takes all of 3 minutes and costs next to nothing.


Anonymous said...

Where do you get your cardigans for the girls? I am trying to find some for Bella but it is next to impossible. I just want basic, plain, no print...can't find anywhere! Help???

janice said...

so cute! now i know what to "get" my nieces for Christmas! thanks!!

We're All Wright said...

Cute idea Carrie! I love watching your blog.

justjen said...

LOVE this!!! I will be doing a little ribbon and flower shopping!

Becca said...

thanks for the tutorial. If I ever have girls, I'm using this technique.

heidi said...

your little tutorial last night was enlightening. i think i want to make one into a flower headband. for me. probably with just fabric and not a faux flower.

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