Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Glee, anyone?

Did anyone else watch this hilarious premiere? I know it was on at the same time as Dancing with the Stars finale (a show I have never gotten into for some reason, probably due to my lack of coordination.)

Glee took me straight back to High School. I was not nearly talented enough to actually be in our school's Show Choir but some of my sisters were and several of my friends were. Sufficeth to say, I was a serious groupie.

Glee is a silly mix of High School Musical and American Idol and of course, your High School show choir. Can't wait to see more this fall.


Jeppson Clan said...

I was totally in show choir for 3 years. did you know that about me? (i know i'm still full of surprises).

this show sounds right up my alley.

heidi said...

LOOOOOVED IT! i was in chamber choir and we got to dress up in renaissance costumes and sing sonnets and the like. it was sooooo nerdy. i lked to call it chamber pot choir.

Jessica said...

love love loved it! I was so sad when I realized we have to wait till fall. My kids really wanted to watch it, but I thought it was too mature for them. What do you think about that?? I did let them watch that final number which BLEW ME AWAY.

Bump and Erin said...

I loved it! What a great surprise! I thought that it would be on this summer though and was disappointed to have to wait until fall.

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