Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Happy Mother's Day to Me

My husband got me the dress I'd been pining over from the Gap. Most impressive because he 1)Doesn't read my blog, so how did he know I needed it? 2)Got the size perfect, and 3)Managed to get it on sale + an extra 40% off. That is the beauty of Mark.

My kids picked out my favorite lipstick: Loreal 809, Aishwarya Beige.

(Yes, I look nothing like Aishwaya, but the coloris perfect for me.)

Best of all, my kids put together- completely on their own- a Mother's Day Performance, replete with songs, drawings, poems, handmade pipe-cleaner jewelry, and all the love in the world.

(I found later the flashcards they made to teach my youngest the words to the song, how cute.)


Anonymous said...

Carie, I can't get over how much your oldest daughter looks like you! Did you make or buy your youngest daughter's dress-it is so cute! I just bought some really sweet yellow fabric to make a tunic dress for Bella. I love yellow!

Brooke said...

Sweet! Happy day to you.

Becca said...

Happy Mother's Day, Carie! Your kids are darling.

janice said...

glad you had a good day!

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