Thursday, May 14, 2009


I really believe in sharing. I love to share a great deal, a fantastic new product, a reliable stand-by, or a life-changing book. I rarely keep anything to myself. If I find something I love, I tell everyone I know to try it out too. You will often find me giving a heartfelt testimonial on a new kind of hairspray, or a fun restaurant, or a perfect summer shoe. (Which is probably why I have this blog, now that I think of it.) Life is just better when you share things with others.

Similarly, I like to surround myself with really amazing people and just kind of learn from them. You want to know how to decorate? I've got a friend for that. You want to know how to cook? I've got a friend for that. You want to learn how to be sassy and classy at the same time? I've got a friend for that.

I emailed my friend Jen (who lives far away and I never see) and asked her about all her fantastic beauty supplies she uses. Because this girl is GORGEOUS and put together but never overdone. And, did I mention she has the best taste? She kindly shared her beauty products with me via her blog, and I am all to happy to share them with you. Click HERE to see all her recommendations.
Here is a sneak peak:

I got a bit of shopping to do.

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