Monday, March 7, 2011

What to wear

When I was in Chicago this is what everyone was wearing:

Totally practical. Totally adorable.

I love Wellies.
I love Hunters Wellies.
I love warm feet.
I think Hunters Wellies + Hunters Boot Socks = Best Idea Ever.

Remind me of this in November please.

And if you didn't want to buy Hunters, these boots are a very agreeable alternative:


Heather J said... day i will have a pair of hunter wellies and depending on where i live, a pair of the boot socks. LOVE!

Brittney said...

i want wellies this very moment! seriously. must purchase. like you say: so practical, utterly adorable.

Kira said...

Okay, Cousin Carie-- as a Florida girl, I have no use for Wellies (nor am I at all familiar with this phenomenon). But I did run out and grab the white ruffly Old Navy shirt you posted about a few weeks ago. Love it! Thanks for these posts-- I love them!

Heidi Lyn said...

Lots of wellies in Prague (where toasty toes are a must) but I have to agree with Kira here. Let's talk flip flops, shall we?

Darci said...

These are perfect for this time of the year in Washington. Who am I kidding these are perfect for Western Washington period.

I went to a friends house yesterday and had to take both my shoes and socks off they were soaked.

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