Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Try This at Home: Hair Styles

I saw this hair style here. It was billed as an alternative to the ponytail. I gave it a whirl.

I think it turned out pretty great. Got a compliment from a complete stranger at the store and everything. (And she was cute and stylish, some one I'd want to be friends with, so that made it an extra good compliment.)

We tried it out on my oldest.

Find easy to follow directions here.

Tried another one and these is the one terrible picture I took:

(Needs a little work.)


Laura Elizabeth Fredlund said...

It looks really nice :)

Jenni said...

CUte!!! I keep waiting for my hair to get a little longer to try some new things out on it!! Thanks for the ideas!

Brooke said...

Hilarious! because I tried both of these hairdos too. I couldn't get the 3 buns to look cute in the front, but I rocked the 2nd.

Jeppson Clan said...


Bump and Erin said...

Tried it. Like it. :) Thanks!

Mihai Rosu said...

Hi there.
A very lovely hair style. I like it.I have to try this myself.Thanks for the post.

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