Thursday, March 3, 2011


Did I mention I was in Chicago last weekend? We flew Grandma in to watch the kids and I spent the weekend with Mark. Who was working mostly. So I was alone mostly. For a busy mother of four, it is insanely luxurious to spend so much time alone, sprinkled with dates with my husband.

Here are some pictures of my travels. (Oh yes, I was super touristy and took loads of pictures.)

Wouldn't it be fun to live here?

A favorite shop:


Meredith said...


Brooke said...

My dream vacation.

Ellen said...

Carie, it looks like Ann Taylor is in the background of your first picture. Love it!

MissRochelle said...

Awesome pictures.

My parents were in Chi Town last weekend also. You could have tagged along- they went to a Kidd Rock concert. (You think I'm wild and crazy......)

Darci said...

Looks fun.
I know I shouldn't be but I was suprized at your dark hair in the first pic. You look happy-cute!
love ya!

justjen said...

Carie, Love the pictures!!!! You have quite the eye! they look like postcards, nice work!

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