Thursday, October 28, 2010

What are the odds?

What are the odds that I find 2 pairs of jeans. Two pairs of jeans that I like. Two pairs of jeans that fit. Two pairs of jeans that look good. AND I spend less than $50 for both? This my friends is the shopping gods smiling down on me.

These jeans from Loft. (On clearance for $14. And mine don't look so whiskered, mine just look awesome.)

These jeans from Gap. (I spent $25 for a $50 groupon + $10ish of my own cash.)

These are the Gap's Real Straight jeans. They are perfect for the 36 year old mom who is not ever going to embrace the skinny jean, but is cool with going non-bootcut. Plus, Gap redid their jeans this year: no more gaping waistband!

1 comment:

justjen said...

Carie I have to agree, jeans that fit well are a gift from the shopping gods, they are almost impossible to find!

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