Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Pity party. Welcome.

The last 7 days have not been kind to me. Last week my daughter had some issues at school. Nothing life shattering. But still took several phone calls to get to the bottom of and robbed me of three night's sleep.

Next my son hurt is knee in soccer. Couldn't walk all weekend. Took him to an Orthopaedic doctor yesterday to find out that he has a bone bruise. Hooray: No surgeries or permanent damage. Boo: He will miss soccer tournament and the end of the lacrosse season. Crutches at school are a pain and healing time is lengthy.

Add to that a husband with a crazy work schedule, which means nearly everything falls to me.

Another stress: We are in the process of switching all the kid's bedrooms around. My upstairs is a disaster and needs some major re-organizing.

While I am at it, I might add, I didn't sleep at all last night because of all these crazy noises that kept waking me up. Mystery solved in the morning: acorns falling off the tree onto our roof and front porch. But trust me, at 2am it sounds like some one breaking into your house to steal your precious children.

Next: Haven't showered in 3 days. I wish I was kidding.

My body is so very tired physically and emotionally.

I am running a half marathon on Saturday.

Pity party over. Thank you for coming.

When upon life's billows:

I have such wonderful kids and we had the very best birthday celebration for my oldest this weekend. She loved every bit of it.

My husband works so hard for our family and really pulls his weight when he is home. Not to mention being such an amazing dad.

I have lost about 4 lbs training for my half marathon. My tapering training schedule is really easy this week. 2 miles, 3 miles, 2 miles.

We had really yummy tortilla soup for dinner last night. With avocado. Thanks T.

Our basement is nearly done. We finish with the carpet today and everything looks fantastic.

When I really look at it, I wonder how I am so lucky to have such a wonderful life.

I feel Gratitude. Humility. Grace.


Darci said...

I'm sorry this last week was so crazy. Mine was just as awful, I wish we lived close so we could help take care of one another.
I love you C!

Melinda said...

I am so sorry!! If you need anything, I'm more than happy to help. (I may have a toddler in tow, so it may not be much help....but, I will if you need me!) Let us know how we can help! We would love to help out however we are needed. Oh, and happy birthday to Hailey.

heidi said...

i hope you gave that school some h*ll. that should be an e. not an a. i'm sure the school already has plenty of halls.
you are made for tough things. that's just who you are. i am sure it was grace under fire.
and tapering has really worked for me too. i think it may have helped me master my injuries.

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