Thursday, May 6, 2010

Summer List - Shirts

This one's for you Jessica.
Summer shirts: It is always a challenge to find shirts that don't need layering. The last thing you want in the middle of a humid summer day is three-deep shirt layering.

Old Navy's shirts can be cheap, so I would like to see this in person prior to purchase. Love the color, love the ruffle and can't beat the price $14.50.

I will let you all know now: I am going to buy this one from Loft. This blue is color is gorgeous in person - my friend has a similar style in this color and she rocked it.

I think this from Gap is fun.

This Banana Republic top is completely classic. The no-too-low vee looks just right for me.

Here are some fun options from American Eagle.

Anthropologie. I own the cream top (mine is navy though.)

Another something I am considering. Have you by chance heard of a modest half shirt? Oxymoron, to be true, but think of layering with this little beauty this summer.

Mia Bellina, Hapari
(P.S. Be so thankful that I didn't post a picture of this on a model because the pictures were a little racy, think PG-13.)

My closet is as such: about half of my short sleeves are t-shirts and half are woven. For what ever reason, I could not find any great woven shirts for this post. I will leave that for another day.

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