Wednesday, May 19, 2010

As We Come to the End of Lost

I have watched every episode of Lost. Every last one. (Special thanks to the invention the dvr, I couldn't have done it without you.)

As we come to the end of the series, I have had many thoughts. Sad that it's ending, happy for a conclusion. How much I love some of the characters, how incredibly clever and confusing the plot has been.

But mostly? Mostly, I have been thinking one thing:

When are Kate and Jack going to get back together?
(And after last night's episode, sigh, who knows?)

Here's to the series finale of Lost. Can't wait.


Meredith said...

I feel the same way! But I didn't watch last nights...I think I'll be doing that tonight. (DVRs are quite wonderful, huh?)

Darci said...

I've enjoy Lost as well, but sometimes I think I'm more ready for the show to just be done.

Brooke said...


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