Wednesday, May 19, 2010


My cousin had posted - a long time ago- about foundation primer. I, being somewhat make-up challenged, thought, "Primer? That must be for the pros."

Fast forward to me reading a book
where the author raved and raved about primer. Something to the effect of "Put-down-the-book-drive-to-Sephora-and-buy-primer-right-now!"

She recommended this primer:

As well as this more affordable option:
Which I have been happily using for the last several weeks. I am glad to testify: it works. It's worth it. It goes under your make up, smooths out your skin, holds your make-up in place and generally makes you a little more beautiful. Not to mention this little $10 bottle will last for ages.


justjen said...

Love that you always share your great finds...I will be purchasing some of this today...I am make up challenged too! My sister Tara is always trying to keep me up to speedwith the make up, I'm just the clothes sister.

Heidi Lyn said...

Yay for primer! I haven't had to use foundation here in the Czech Republic for the last year or so, but I know heading back to hot n' humid Florida will make my primer and foundation a must-have again. Thanks for the reminder.

Darci said...

Very interesting.

Do you use face lotion too? (And do you use it before or after?)

Do you recommend the book?

MissRochelle said...

I use that- thr photo finish. Though its expensive it lasts much longer. And you'd probably like the loose powder they have. BTW I'm in labor at this exact moment- under heavy epidual of course!

Jeppson Clan said...

I've been using the Urban Decay eyeshadow primer for a couple months now and LOVE it, so I'm defnintely going to try the face primer. Thanks for the tip, and for always being willing to share your wealth of information!

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