Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Return to Me

We went to Blockbuster the other day. We left with nothing and wasted a good fifteen minutes of the day. Hundreds of movies and nothing worth seeing. My youngest daughter found a Care Bear movie but I just couldn't justify standing in line and paying $5 to rent a cartoon about bears that talk. (By the way Blockbuster, did you know you can Redbox a movie for a dollar? Pardon the word redbox as a verb.)

My oldest likes to browse through the "old movies" (you know, from the 1990's). She was trying to talk me into renting Miss Congeniality 2. I was sure we could do better than that. I remembered a delightful movie I'd hadn't see in years.

Of course, it was not in the store. Not checked out mind you, they don't even carry it in the store.
So, I borrowed a friend's copy and we watched it that night. Adorable. Delightful. Hilarious.

What happened to romantic comedies? Why don't they make them any more? Can't Hollywood make light-hearted, enjoyable movies with characters I would actually want to be friends with?

I don't need an Oscar winner. I just want a cute story about love. Is that so wrong?

I just might be forced to start seriously working on my screenplay.


Steph said...

One of my all time favorites, although let me just say - NOT the movie to watch while quaranteened from your entire family (including husband you adore) 2 days after giving birth. I was a blubbering mess... Another fave - While You Were Sleeping. Oh, and I think you should start working on your screenplay - I'd totally watch it! =)

Jeppson Clan said...

I'm with Steph, such a fun movie minus the sad beginning. I have it on VHS b/c I'm cool like that. Did it really come out that long ago? I need to get the DVD...

Meredith said...

THE BEST MOVIE EVER! I think we've got it on both DVD and VHS, because we're cool, too. :)

I cry every time I see it, but laugh just as much. I love, love, love, love it! Now I want to go pull it out, but I might follow Steph's advice (being 4 days postpartum!)

laura said...

Love that movie. It always reminds me of a time... Brian and I watched it together and he told me how beautiful Minnie Driver is. I did not see that coming.

Darci said...

I know what you mean, where did all the cute, fun and clean Romantic Comedies go?

bbxpert said...

It's Complicated is a very funny romantic comedy b

Kira said...

Down here we have Blockbuster Express- same concept as Redbox (except the kiosks are blue). Movies for $1! Its awesome. Hopefully, it will catch on.

I think you need to make one of your famous lists of the great romantic comedies out there.

alison travland said...

Yes! One of my very favorites, too-- also "While you were Sleeping!" Darling, sweet movies!

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