Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Hit and a Miss

I was determined to get an Easter dress this year. I buy them every year for my girls, so why not one for me?

I ordered this from DownEast Basics:

It wasn't good. The color was called "Pink Lady" - I would describe it more as "Peach Grandma." It was all too similar to the bridesmaid dress I wore at my sister's wedding in the early 90's. In retrospect, I can see this was a poor decision from the beginning. I can't really blame the dress. Just looking at the picture, I really should have known: it's not the one for me. It's already been sent back.

This tee for my youngest was very very cute. In fact, she wore it to school today.

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Our family chaos said...

Sorry your dress didn't work out! I love the t-shirt! I also bought that for Cali. You have good taste!LOL

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