Sunday, September 27, 2009

Too late

I hate it when I wait to purchase an item, and then it suddenly, inexplicably, without warning, it goes out of stock.

Here is a pictorial list of things that will never be mine.

Take this skirt, One day: plenty in stock, The next day- nada. The wound is still fresh.

Why, can I ask, does Downeast send out a catalog and then not have any of the items in stock? It is heartbreaking.

I am still kicking myself for the time they had these lanterns at Walmart and I decided to pass even though they were half the price of exact same lantern at Pottery Barn. And now they are gone, never to be owned by me.

Or the one I am STILL sad to not own, 1 year later:


Brooke said...

Darn that Downeast. I keep checking - never there!!

heidi said...

that tote is sold out??? i love it. passionately. ooooh darn!

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