Monday, September 7, 2009

How To Spend Labor Day

We are in a hot bed of infection around here. This is the tally thus far:

1 - Child home from school last week.
1 - Child home from school half day.
2 - Children throwing up.
3 - Children with debilitating fevers.
2 - Number of Days fever lasts.
4 - Children with sore throats.
4 - Children needing Tylenol, cuddling and various other kinds of medicine.
2 - Children with Spider bites.
15 - Number of Spider bites on just 1 child.
1 - Spider bite that got as big as my hand.
1 - Trip to Urgent Care that was closed.
1 - Trip to Urgent Care that was open.
1 - Trip to Pharmacy that was closed.
1 - Trip to Pharmacy that was open.
1 - Prescription of antibiotics for said Spider bite.
1 - Phone call in the middle of Sacrament Meeting.
1 - Counselor who got blindsided with my Primary Sharing Time last minute and got to run the show by herself and now deserves a spot in heaven for her goodness.
5 - Number of Family Members who missed all or most of church Sunday.
4 - Number of concerned phone calls from church members.
1 - Number of concerned texts from church members.
1 - Child who inexplicably, hilariously, with great relish and imagination, takes on every symptom of all her sick siblings. (Ahem, A.) When she has not been truly sick herself.

1 - Number of Parents at home to take care of sick children.
1- Number of Parents who were out of town.
(He was cheering on the COUGARS for their victory over Oklahoma, which by the way is completely and utterly an excused absence. I am thrilled he got to go.)

0 - Number of fun things we can do for Labor Day at home with sick children.


Anonymous said...

Sooo sorry to hear your kiddos are all sick! I hope things are better soon.

Meredith said...

Ugh! No FUN! I'm sorry it was so yucky at your house!

Debbie's World said...

Carie, I'm so sorry you are having to deal with all this!!! I've been "there" and done "that" many times....except for the Spider bites! Are those getting better??? Take care!

Heidi Lyn said...

Sounds miserable! You deserve a day off after a Labor Day like that.

Our family chaos said...

Wow sounds awful! What crazy spiders would bite a child 15 times. Crazy!

Darci said...

Wow, thats is too bad.

Are you feeling any better yet?

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