Thursday, September 10, 2009

Health Update

We are still sick. Same sickness, different kids. The boys spent the first days of this week at home. Thankfully, they were both back in school today and doing much better. My oldest on the other hand, decided to join the party and became very ill yesterday. Why not? Everyone else is doing it. So, more trips to Urgent Care, more trips to the Pharmacy.

The good news is that now we know what we are up against: Strep. On a whim they tested for it 4 days ago (at our first Urgent Care visit) and it came up negative. They sent it to a lab for more accurate results and sure enough: STREP! My son just happened to be on the antibiotics for his ginormous spider bite, so he was feeling much better. (Incidentally, after his 2nd visit to urgent care, the Dr. determined all the other spider bites were actually an allergic reaction of some sort. But the big one, yep, that was a bite.)

Even so, I spent several hours yesterday sprinkling this all over the boy's room. Then vacuuming. It is supposed to get rid of insects. Just in case.

While the boys were sick we watched a lot of movies and more Disney Channel than I ever thought possible. The movies followed a theme:

Once my oldest's illness hit, we had to find something else to watch. I picked up this at Target.

Something I've been meaning to do anyway. I also bought a very inexpensive DVD player for my room, because for some reason it seems to be the desired place of convalescing.

And Mark is traveling for work, again. Sigh.

I am ready to be made into a Saint because a week straight of rotating sick children? It's hard. Can they do that if you are not Catholic? Do they have Saints in the Mormon church? I have never checked.

I am ready for a break. Maybe a pedicure. Or a shopping trip. Or a quiet hour spent alone, without a sick child. Or, is it sad that I am secretly hoping that maybe I will get sick and they can all take care of me?


Meredith said...

I've been craving a girls' night lately. Maybe when kids are feeling better we can arrange one! :)

Jessica said...

So was Psych good?

And the spider thing is crazy!

Jessica said...

Oh oh oh--I loved Logan. They tried to paint him all bad, but he never seemed like it. (Or maybe that's my dysfunctional side coming out.) ANyway, she was lame for not being with him in the end. (Such a PC move, don't you think?)

alison travland said...

OK-- abit late on this post, but add to your football/sports movies "Facing the Giants"-- one of my all time fav's!

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