Monday, January 9, 2012

Polka Dots + Navy

If last year was the year of stripes, and according to the stack of striped shirts in my closet, it was, this just might be the year of Polka Dots.  This post will be dedicated to Navy Polka Dots Solamente.  (I will translate for the non Spanish speakers.  Solamente = only.) 

I am not opposed to polka dots in any other color, navy just happens to be the pick today.

I will begin by staking my claim on this Anthropologie dress.  I will own this.  Consider yourself warned, you buy it, we will be twins.  

If you would rather not be twins, but would still like a navy polka dot dress, might I interest you in this little beauty from Banana Republic?

I really love this sweater, also from Banana Republic.

It reminds me of this cute sweater for little girl's from Boden.  I am still kind of kicking myself for not buying this for my youngest.

And how about this jacket from Banana Republic.  (Sheesh. Lots of good stuff at Banana right now.  It's about time!)

This skirt.  You guessed it: Banana Republic.  Feel free to purchase this with no fear of being twins.  I will not own this skirt, not matter how cute it is.

Because I own this skirt (last year, Anthropologie.)  So, if you purchase the BR skirt above, we'd be more like fraternal twins.

And all this talk of navy polka dots, reminds me of last year's J Crew Flouncette blouse.  That I did not buy.  I can't buy it all.  Some times my good taste feels like a curse.


Jessica said...

You're being hilarious.

I'm sitting in Faith's over-stuffed rocker, which is polka dotted.

Lexi said...

Oh my gosh, I love that first dress! Cute blog- seriously! Maybe if you have time... visit my fashion blog?

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