Wednesday, November 2, 2011

A Weight Off My Shoulders

Guess what? I got my hair cut.

Ever since I saw this picture on pinterest, I knew it had to happen.

I waited until after my Half Marathon and at the next appointment, went for it.

These are self portraits taken with my phone (then instagram-ed of course.) 

I think it's a winner. 

The day I got it done, I was stopped in Target by a lady asking me to be a model for her make up line. I KID YOU NOT.   Turns out she sells Mary Kay and was most likely just trying to sell me product.  I said no.  But still worth mentioning, I think.


heidi said...

really really chic. i can't wait to see it with a winter hat. via photo of course.
and was the mary kay lady tall with red hair and wacky glasses??? she got me once and i could NOT get her to leave me alone. named margi? then a week later one of her minions found me in old navy and said i had incredible hair and tried to sell me mary kay. i have mary-kay-a-phobia. and i actually like one of their products but i can never buy it because of the overbearing nature of their sales force! i really need to start blogging again. look how long this thought is!

justjen said...

Carie, I am definitely a fan! Too cute! Soo glad we got to spend a little time together in Mexico! It never is long enough...PS thanks for your sweet email the other day...<3

MissRochelle said...

Was her name Ruth? Don't give her your number, she wont stop calling you!

Darci said...

What a fun change. You look great. Great cut!

Jenni said...

Oh, I love your new do!!! It's adorable and so chic! YOu are gorgeous!!

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