Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Halloween Festivites

 This year Halloween arrived on the heels of our return from a lovely week long vacation in Mexico.  We had no time for costume hunting or buying, so we made due with what we had from home.

A flight attendant:

A biker:
(I am not sure what it says about us as a family that we have the makings for such a convincing biker on hand.  Look closely, even fake leather chaps.)

A BYU Soccer Player:

And Alice:

Carving the pumpkins is a low key, low tech, free for all.  We have yet to splurge for the fancy $5 pumpkin carving sets and choose instead to dull the blades of my kitchen knives.  The kids pick their own designs and do all the scooping and carving themselves.  Except the youngest,.she is not quite old enough to wield a knife.

Hot chocolate may or not been involved, replete with your choice of "marshmallow" or "mint" syrup.  We may not take our pumpkin carving very seriously but we go all out for drinking of the chocolate.

The pumpkins turned out like fine works of art.

The night glow only enhanced their beauty/scariness.


And, last but not least, an exceptionally large amount of candy was procured.

(As you can see D decided to ditch the biker costume and trick or treat as a BYU soccer player. Yes, we have the means to provide for two BYU soccer players from our own private stash.)

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