Monday, December 5, 2011

Freshman Homecoming, A little shameless bragging

My daughter was Freshman Homecoming Royalty this year. Which where we live is a pretty darn big deal.

This may seem like all kinds of shameless bragging in some ways it came as a surprise.

As you may know, our church is pretty important to us.  Raising lovely, well adjusted, successful kids is pretty important to us.  Because those two things are our top priorities, we don't worry so much about the popularity thing or being cool.   We have set our standards high and make no apologies for it.

But sometimes, as a parent, you worry about how your kids will be accepted at school and among their peers.  You absolutely want them to live to values and standards, but you also want them to have a positive social experience through the school years and not be some social pariah.

When Hailey was voted Homecoming Royalty, we decided we didn't need to worry about the social pariah thing so much anymore.  (I guess it doesn't hurt that she sort of looks like a barbie doll, albeit with braces.)

Like I mentioned, turns out Homecoming is a big deal.  This being our first foray into High School, we had no idea what to expect. The homecoming experience started out with an all school assembly:

 She had to choose escorts (and supply their matching outfits):

And walk out front of the entire school:

My dad was in town and got to witness the festivities:

Next event, parade through downtown.

She rode in a parade with her good buddy, who is like a brother to her, another member of the Freshman Homecoming Court. 


Later that night, Half Time at the football game, escorted by Mark and I:

Next night?  Attending her first High School Dance. 

We are quite proud of our daughter and how she willingly chooses to live her life.

P.S. Did you happen to notice her Homecoming dress?  The most adorable thing you've ever seen, is it not?  She looked amazing in it.  A-MAZ-ING.  She got compliments everywhere we went.  No one seemed to notice that it actually had straps, (sleeves even!) and a modest length.  Score one for high standards.


laura said...

Gorgeous dress. Even more gorgeous girl. And take all the time you need to brag... it is quite impressive when you can somehow manage the best off both worlds. Congratulations Haley! (and her parents!)

One question: I'm desperate to know what shoes she wore. You being a fashionista, I need to see what you put with all those beautiful sparkles.

Jenni said...

How exciting!!! Your daughter looks so darn cute and that dress is killer! Yay for modest AND cute!

Carie said...

Laura, she wore a pair of nude heels. Very neutral to offset the dress. They were perfect!

Ellen said...

As ward YW president, I scour the news looking for role models for my YW. You can bet that I will be sharing this blog on Sunday! Thanks so much! (It looks like Hailey is following in the footsteps of her mom.)

Mikietalks said...

I'm a guy, albeit an older one, heh, and I •love• the dress!! More is less in my book, without going overboard that is... A well made dress with a little more coverage leaves more to the imagination to me and is much more beautiful and sexy than some micro thing!

I think it's awesome that you're concerned about the kids social growth as well... My parents sent us to a small private school, me just as I was starting highschool, and as far as I'm concerned it socially retarded us (well my brother was already retarded, jk!) And it took much longer to adjust to the 'real world' once we were out there, I just didn't know how to interact with people my own age! (Most of my friends as a teen were over thirty!) Going to church three times a week was enough but going to a church school...:\

...had my parents been as concerned as you two my 13+ life might have been memorable!

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