Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Search for Christmas Dresses 2011

One of my favorite Christmas traditions from childhood is having a Christmas Dress.  Every year my sisters and I would get Christmas dresses to wear the first Sunday before Christmas. When we were young, they were matching. (Awesome.)  I have particular memories of turquoise Gunny Sax-esque little numbers that we all looked pretty spiffy in.  When we were older we picked them out ourselves. I have carried that tradition with my girls but have had very little luck finding Christmas dresses for myself.

This year's selections:

I found this sweet lace dress for my youngest at H&M.

It was only $10. (Did I mention Kansas City got it's first H&M?  Hooray!)

I spotted this skirt, also at H&M, for my oldest.  I haven't picked it up yet (I wanted to run it by her before I purchased.)  I hope they still have it!  This would look super cute paired with this cardigan from Target.

I was happily surprised to find this dress for me at Forever 21 of all places.  Combining two of my latest favorites: lace and pleats.

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