Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Perusing Some Blogs

It is necessary from time to time to restore order to my Google Reader. It gets heavy laden with all sorts of blogs that I never really read. (Who adds all those blogs anyway?) Solution? I "unsubscribe" without apology, like it's going out of style. Especially to all the blogs that 1) haven't updated in months and months or 2) no longer strike my fancy or 3) are annoying. It's quite liberating. I highly recommend it. (Just don't delete my blog.)

With a newly cleaned out Google Reader, I admire my tidy new list and immediately begin to add to it.

These are some of my new favorite blogs to read:

House Tweaking. This blog started out as a decor blog. She showed how to take an ordinary builder's grade home and tweak it into something lovely. Now, it is about selling her "dream home" to purchasing the "underdog" (as she calls it.) Check out her post on Downsizing for the full explanation. My favorite line of the blog: "We’re not looking for the house of our dreams rather the house that will allow us to live our dreams." Very inspiring. It is fun to watch her underdog take shape.

I read this blog for a couple of days and what I have to say is this: sometimes it's nice to read about a happy family. Plus, her parents are Richard and Linda Eyre (as in Oh-Boy-I've-Got-Joy!), so she's got a lot of great insight into parenting and families. I particularly enjoyed this post on how to organize kid's school papers.

Urban Grace Interiors. This link is not for the blog per se, but for her portfolio. I LOVE her work. Every room is so so so me. Simple. Beautiful. (Not that I am simple or beautiful, I mean my tastes are things that are simple and beautiful.) If I had a million dollars I would fly her to KC and put her to work on my humble abode.

And best for last: Mel's Kitchen Cafe. This is hands down THE BEST RECIPE BLOG IN THE HISTORY OF THE INTERNET. I don't feel strongly about this or anything. I have tried easily 20+ recipes from Mel and she is the queen of all things yummy. Her dishes are mostly easy and healthy when possible. Did I mention Best. Ever. ?

(Sadly, no pictures today folks. The photos on the blogs are their property and even though it's free advertising for them, I feel like I shouldn't be copying a pasting their pictures. So click on the links and check them out for yourself.)

What are some of your favorite new blogs?

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heidi said...

i'm with you. i am a completely unapologetic unsubscriber. i'm trying to optimize my time, not waste my time into oblivion.
and i'm sort of the same about people who read my blog. i'm trying more and more to post exactly about what i want to be reading or writing about, whether it be my family or fashion or oregon trail. and i notice that i get new followers all the time, and then they ask me to follow back and i don't and i immediately lose them. so, i'm good with that. i consider myself a niche blogger. HA!
no new blogs to recommend. but that also means i'm reading and sewing more. it's a good trade off. and i also apparently have time for novella length comments.

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